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Are you a family without a place to stay?

One call connects you: 2-1-1

Family Housing Connection provides an easier way for families experiencing homelessness to connect with emergency resources in King County
Family Housing Connection works with over 80 homeless housing programs in King County
Family Housing Connection has seven convenient locations throughout King County

If you are a family staying in a place not meant for habitation or in a shelter and are in need of housing resources:

  • 1  Call 2-1-1 to schedule an appointment with Family Housing Connection.

  • 2  Meet with Family Housing Connection staff  to discuss housing options.

  • 3 Respond to Family Housing Connection when an appropriate housing resource becomes available.

  • 4 Meet with housing staff at the agency to discuss the available resource and next steps.


 Please call 206-328-5796 or email if you have questions, changes in contact information or circumstance updates.



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